The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) andAmerican Honda Motor Company is proud to make its Alpharetta, Georgia Rider Education and Environmental Learning Facility available to all scouts. Our center is a unique destination for the scouts to come out and earn any "Environmental" oriented type patch from within their scout badge book. MSF and American Honda invites you to visit or "Adventure Trails" and we look forward to seeing you here!

   Environmentalists have worked very closely with the four centers here in the U.S. to ensure that our project plans for the centers had little environmental impact.
Alpharetta's Rider Education program was finished in 1990 and our exciting new Environmental Program was finished in 2004. Honda has always had a long tradition of commitment to Rider Training and Environmental Education, All of Honda's learning centers share the hopes that by teaching today's youth how to ride or recreate in a natural setting, we will instill in them a sense of how to leave an area just as they found it.

American Honda/Motorcycle Safety Foundation's
Scout Badge Program