Rider Comments:
DirtBike School - Coach April

Survey was completed on behalf of my 8-year-old son. Fantastic course and he benefitted tremendously from it. He has not stopped talking about how much he enjoyed it. April was great with the children, and they all learned a great deal. I would highly recommend this course for anyone with a child interested in learning to ride.

DirtBike School - Coach April
Matt Wrote:
Comments        This class was great, excelent environment, training, and instructor. This class was for my 9 and 7 year old sons and they both loved it and want to come back for the trail riding and advanced course. I notice several bad habits in myself that I would like to attend the class to fix also.I would also attend the street riding class for my motorcycle lisence.

DirtBike School - Coach Drew

It was amazing to see the progress from the beginning of the class just learning to control the throttle with legs out not on footpegs... to the end when they were crossing logs and weaving between cones and practicing standing. For 3 out of the 4 children (including my son) this was their first time on a motorcycle so they accomplished so much! ::applause:: ::applause:: Prior to this class I had heard a lot of good comments about the MSF courses. I truly was impressed with Coach Drew and what he was able to do with the kids in one days time. Everything was so organized and structured great for little ones. My son barely wanted to take a lunch or water break he was so anxious to go back and ride! If you are considering this for children or adults I highly recommend it. ::up::

DirtBike School- Coach Roy
First Name      Robert
Comments      The course was fantastic for my young son.  I am now a raving fan of MSF.

Basic RiderCourse – Coaches: Karl & Randy
First Name      Leigh
Comments        I had such a wonderful time!!!  Thank you and Karl for making it so lovely for me.  My fella and I are very interested in the Dirt Bike 1 day class and I think he will be following up with you next week!

DirtBike School – Coach Keith
First Name      Jill
Comments        The above was filled out for only me, but my family all attended (all of them have never ridden, and I would give them all the same kind of response as for myself).  Also, we chose a date two weeks out...the timing was not due to the school's inability, but rather my choice.  Great experience all the way around.

Basic RiderCourse – Coaches: Karl & Randy
First Name: Deigo,
Great experience and -  I am sure I will find out -  a very useful one as well.  Tough for a 67-year-old to compete will all those young guys (and girls)…!
Thank you for your dedication to this cause and for a great well-structured and well-lead course!

11/1/2011 Basic RiderCourse
Warren Wrote:
Comments        I was very impressed by the quality of instruction i recieved from Joy and Tommy. They were both engaging and professional. In fact, early next year i have recomended to wife that she take this course as well, as she has expressed interest in riding herself. I found your facilities to be very clean and well maintained, and the accomidations excellent.

Thomas Wrote: Jerome & Joy Oct. 21-23rd, 2011
Comments        Thoroughly enjoyed the course.  The attention to safety instruction and emphasis on procedures that result in safe operation gave me confidence to ride on the street.  Repetition of basic tasks have been helpful in transitioning.   Coaches did an excellent job of spotting and correcting personal habits that will get us into trouble in the real world.
Overall, an excellent course. Highly recommended.

Joy and Jerome, 
Thanks so much for the excellent coaching last weekend.   Both Joey and I thoroughly enjoyed your Basic Rider Course and have made the transition to riding out there in the real world with confidence. We got the “M” added to our licenses first thing Tuesday morning and have put a hundred miles on our little Ninja 250 since then.  Been beautiful weather so took advantage of it.
Would have been scared to death if I hadn’t had your coaching…. but instead I am loving the wind blowing past me (while still being wary of those 4 wheel drivers).
Thanks again!  -tom

Kathryn wrote:  From the Dirt N' Skirt Course:  Oct. 23rd, 2011
Comments        Teresa was an amazing instructor!!  She was extremely knowledgeable and patient.  My daughter and I had never riden prior to the class and Tersa explained everything well and her postiive attitude and calm demeanor were very encouraging.  She made all the difference in our learning to ride.
I would absolutely recommend this course to others- particularly if Teresa is the coach!

October 8th and 9th, 2011 (DirtBike School)
Vaughn Wrote: (April and Tommy)
Comments        April and Tommy are excellent.  They had taught my 10 year old in early summer and now it was my turn.  They were great both times.  Great instruction, led by example and just great people.

Basic RiderCourses
Oct. 7-9th, 2011
Angela, Roy, Jeff, Don, and Randy

Kaylah Wrote: (Roy-Angela-Jeff)
Comments        Mr. Roy was our original teacher and he got us off to a great start.  We, as a class, were very concerned and sorry to hear that we would be getting new teachers due to medical reasons.  We sincerely hope that he gets better!
Our new teachers were Angela and Jeff.  They were PHENOMENAL.  I had a million and one questions and the answered them all.  I had never ridden a motorcycle nor driven a stick and they made me feel SUPER comfortable!   I felt like I was being taught by super concerned/ knowledgeable "friends".  They were instrumental in getting our class to become a "family"  and I cannot say THANK YOU enough!
I will ABSOLUTELY be returning to take more lessons and I hope to keep my relationship with Roy, Angela, and Jeff throughout my riding life!  This is a program that should be MANDATORY for everyone our there riding!!!!!!

Steve Wrote: (Don and Randy)
Comments        I am involved in a lot of training and informational programs through work and I have to say that this course had everything! Well  organized, easy to set up, training aids and venue first class. However the most impressive part for me was the quality of instruction. The rider coaches were both exemplary, informative, held the attention of the riders gave clear and concise instruction and feedback, all delivered with the right blend of humor and authority to keep the riders confident they were in good hands. All in all I would highly recommend this course to anyone thinking of starting to ride.

Suzanne wrote: (Angela and Jeff)
Comments        Angela and Jeff were great instructors...their expertise and sense of humor made all the difference in the world.

Isa Wrote: (Don and Randy)
Comments        The human aspect to the course was outstanding. Both Randy and Don took the mystery, fear and nervousness of riding a bike and turned it into confidence, assurance and hope that one day I will be half as good as them.  They showed tremendous respect and passion for motorcycling.  Regardless of their many years of riding they constantly reminded us that it is a sport that requires attention and practice to always improve.  They both were personal with each of the nine participants in our class, making sure to point out what we needed to work on individually.  If I were to take any other course, I would love to have the same coaches.  This course was fun and tremendously eye opening.  I would recommend it to any one thinking to start riding and can't picture anyone learning in any other setting. Please extend my gratitude to Randy and Don.

Suzanne wrote: Angela and Jeff)
Just wanted to touch base with you to tell you how much we (Ryan and I) enjoyed meeting you and Jeff.  We thought you guys did a top notch job, and are planning on taking additional classes in the future after I get my bike.
Ryan and I are shopping around for a bike for me...he's been flip flopping, but that's okay...will touch base with you when one is purchased and perhaps we can go for a spin.
Please send our regards to Jeff!  You guys did an excellent job...

John wrote: (Tommy and Joy)
Comments        The course was worth every penny and I would recommend it to anyone even considering the purchase of a bicycle. The quality of the classroom and the range instruction was very high. I would encourage slowing the pace of the range instruction, and adding more riding time.

Joe wrote: Don & Randy
Comments        Randy and Don were fantastic instructors. They were able to make everyone feel very comfortable and even added a little humor to the class.

Comments: The patience and encouragement Don and Joy displayed throughout the class kept me going when I felt I was a total failure.  They made my success possible.

The coaches were outstanding!  They felt like friends as well as instructors by the end and the people who sent me to the class felt the same way.
I would have liked to have had more time to practice some skills on the course but I think that is because of the 0 experience that I brought to the class.  It was probably the right amount of time for people who had a little experience before they came.
Several of us also commented that it may have been easier to spread the class over 4 days instead of 3 so that  there would be more time to absorb the information and perhaps less concentrated time on the bike.  We were all exhausted by the end of the day on days 1 and 2.  I would have liked to come home and practiced on MY bike but was too tired to do so safely.
Overall, one of the best experiences I have had in extracurricular classes.  My whole family intends to come back for Bike Bonding!

The instructors in this course were exceptional! I felt safe, and comfortable under their supervision and I truly appreciated the fact that they were extremely patient and supportive given my limitations.  I would highly recommend this course to ALL drivers whether they are motorcyclists or not - I wish is was mandatory for all drivers!  The facilities and study materials wee great as well.  I will definitely recommend this to friends and family.

Comments        Instructors were great.  Class should be a requirement for all first time riders. These are life saving skills. The best 200 dollars I have ever spent.

Comments        The rider coaches were spectacular. Angela and Paul are the best.....Many thanks,  Matt

Comments        Both instructors did a great job of working with each of us through our weak points. I was impressed with Angela, she did not react to gender. I have not found that to be true with all females instructing other females. I was the only female in the class and maybe the oldest. I was afraid I would not be able to keep up with the guys in the class. Each of us got the attention we needed and I could not have been more pleased when the class was over. Staff was great and so was fellow students. I do wish  someone would offer senior classes a few times a year. Melinda

Hey Angie,
I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all you did to encourage and reassure me--and the others--during the class and practical. Having you there made all the difference for me! Without that balance, I don't think I would've completed the course. Kelley and I just spent the last few hours sharing stories from the weekend, and you were such a great part of it all--not just the riding and instruction, but you-as a person. We both said how much we appreciated your patience and calming presence.
Gratefully, Taylor

Hey Angela,
Its kim from your basic rider course a few weekends back.  Just finished my survey online (finally) and told them how rockstar you guys were.  Anyhow, thanks again, it was a great experience and I'll definitely be back for more.


Joy and Paula
Comments from Your Students – March 8-10th 2010

Comments        Joy Lofton and Paula Ramirez were our coaches.  These two women were fantastic!  Not only was our group learning experience top shelf it was downright fun. These two coaches were enthusiastic and informative.  They made all their students comfortable and relaxed, eager and ready to learn basis motorcycle life saving skills.
I would highly recommend both Joy and Paula as quality instructors to anyone wanting to take any of the MSF training Courses they participate in.

Comments        The BRC was fantastic. Having never ridden before I was fairly nervous going into the class. Paula and Joy were outstanding. Their training pace and teamwork along with the interaction in the classroom and during the riding sessions was superb. They were even able to work around extreme weather conditions on day two that kept us from riding at all that particular day.
If there was anything that I would add to the course it would be more time riding and at a little higher speeds. The size of the class (started with 11) and lack of overall experience (myself included) at times caused the overall pace of the riding exercises to slow slightly and limit the number of attempts at each skill.
Overall the course was better than great and I will recommend it and look for opportunities to attend other offerings.

Comments        I really learned a lot in the class and enjoyed the riding, but as a rider with some experience the first day was kind of frustrating. I really don't have a suggestion for a change.  The instructors were great and really helped everyone with their riding.  I definitely recommend this class!!!

Comments        Paula and Joy were great coaches. If I take any more courses I hope to have one of them.

Comments        The Class was even better than I had been told by others who had taken it. Randy Cooper was a great guy to work with and the instructors Joy and Paula are GREAT Teachers.

Comments        The Lofton's were wonderful.  I had a lot of anxiety about motorcycle riding when I entered the classroom.  There strict attention to safety really helped me to relax and be at ease with riding.  They never rushed the class and no question was a "dumb" question.  They always related our learning and instruction to the materials.  They were very consistent in relating classroom and riding activities.  I am looking forward to working with them in the future as I continue to perfect my riding skills.

Comments        Joy and Jerome were WONDERFUL! They were kind, understanding and willing to give the necessary one on one coaching that I sometimes needed. It was personally great for me to be able to work with Joy. She has wonderful knowledge and skills and it was encouraging seeing a great female rider that alone helped make me feel like I could do it!

Joy and Jerome were great!  They were great communicators, open to questions, frank with answers, and very encouraging. Personally, I would have liked more practice time - specifically with the U-turn exercise.  However, I understand the need to pace to cover all of the information. Overall, I enjoyed the class and learned a lot.  I feel more comfortable moving forward with my motorcycle experience.

Comments        Everything about the class was great.  I loved Joy and Jerome and they were fun and encouraging and obviously have it down to a science.  Because of the time constraint, I am sure everything was set up to be continuously improving on past skills.  I think the only suggestion I would have is a quick review of the previous days skills learned before starting the second day.  I doubt it would have helped me any better with improving my skills, but I believe I would have been more comfortable.  Probably just my cautious nature, but a run around the range a couple times to re-familiarize myself works best for me (and is similar for me with all new skills learned).  I loved the class though and I loved Joy and Jerome and all the co-students.  Thanks for your great help in making me more comfortable and safe on the road and I look forward to my first motorcycle and continuing to improve my skills.

Karl and Don were AWESOME! I have never ridden before and they were very patient. They gave good feedback to each thing I did wrong and I was able to practice the correction immediately. That was great.
Thank you so much.
Comments        The course was very good. I feel that I learned a lot of material that will help me develop into a safe motorcyclist.

Comments        Our class instructors did an outstanding job. They were personable, professional, approachable, considerate, knowledgeable and made the time fly by with their great sense of humor. Thank you to Paul and Eva, hope to see you again!!

Comments        This was a great experience and well thought out and taught. I have a new love and respect for riding and can not wait to buy my bike. Would like to say my rider coaches were GREAT! Thanks

March 24-27,2011
Coaches: Randy & Tommy
Rider Comments:

Comments        I was very pleased with the overall experience.

Comments        Nametags on the first night would have been great! I'm a planner & would have loved a brief outline of the general schedule for the days at the MSF Campus. (i.e. morning: 4 course exercises, break, 4 course exercises, 1 hour lunch break, ...) I tremendously enjoyed the course!  Although I had never ridden the instructors never made me feel inferior to the other riders that had experience. They encouraged me and told me that I was improving. Their coaching and the team atmosphere helped me overcome and succeed at the more difficult exercises.  The coaches had a friendly and approachable teaching styles that was GREATLY APPRECIATED. I can't thank them enough for teaching me the gift to ride for a lifetime! God bless!

Comments        Instructors were subject matter experts. Good team and great class
Comments        Overall awesome class. Will be looking to take the street rider Course in the near future. Haven't started up a bike in 30 years and now feel confident with the skills and techniques I learned in the course. Randy and Tommy are excellent instructors and the course exceeded my expectations. Thanks

Date: Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 7:54 PM
Subject: RE: Dirtbike School

DBS March 27th (Roy)

Yes, we had a great time Sunday. Actually, I was surprised we got it in. I woke up Sunday to find the hotel parking lot inches deep with water and still raining.  I was very fortunate it worked out. The class was different than I expected – though I confess that I really didn't’ know what to expect. I envisioned a racing type atmosphere, with motocross track, etc. Though my purpose for taking the class was to help give my son a good safe riding foundation, then it kind of turned into a “family outing” with his cousins. I think the class gave everyone a good riding foundation. I was especially impressed that my daughter went from zero to pretty good riding by end of day. Coach Roy was very patient with my daughter (she was a tough project) and did a great job with her. Overall, everyone had fun and learned a lot. It’s already turned out to be a very memorable family experience. The kids were talking about it all day Monday. Though I’d ridden some before, I learned a lot. There’s a lot of technique to dirt bike riding (as you know) and I think I became a much better rider by end of course (though still tons to learn). Thanks for helping me make it happen!